A smart solution for official meetings and digital voting

Votech is a sustainable, secure, and user-friendly solution for virtual, hybrid, and in-person voting.

Making voting easier for

For business

Need to organise your companies next Annual General Meeting (AGM), Board meeting, or Investor Day?

Whether you choose to have a remote, hybrid, or on-site meeting, we will make the voting process smooth and hassle-free for everyone involved. 

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NGOs and other organisations

Are you an association, union, political party or non-profit, organising an annual meeting, union meeting, caucus?

Votech’s meeting and voting software is the easiest and best solution for you.  Be it in-person, or remotely or hybrid Votech’s meeting and voting software will eliminate old manual processes giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

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Votech simplifies official meetings to save you time and effort.

Traditional Voting


Quick and easy self-registration with real-time voting results. 
Labour-intensive and manual attendee registration.
Easy-to-use electronic voting with instant results and 100% accuracy. 
Hard-to-organise ballot voting that is time-consuming, and prone to human error.
A single meeting space with all documentation links, accessible before and after meetings.
Confusing meeting links, documents, and instructions that cause delays and user frustration.
Assisted voting machines where anyone can vote without usernames and passwords.
An intimidating process for non tech savvy people, who might not even have a smartphone.

Organise your remote, hybrid, and in-person meetings with ease

Engage your meetings’ attendants with our cutting-edge voting solution to commit your stakeholders to your goals and objectives. 

Simplify the voting process

Votech is available on different devices, and supports multiple languages (Finnish, Swedish, and English). 

Make your brand look good

Branded annual meetings and materials increase credibility, trustworthiness and interest in your goals and objectives.

Increase participation in your meetings

Allow more attendees to participate with hybrid and remote voting options.

Communicate better

Encourage back-and-forth communication with your attendees via pre and live Q&A during meetings and questions submitted via chat.

Secure your meetings

Execute meetings safely with attendee strong bank-ID or Unique real-time access code identification (two-phase identification). Votech is a security audited solution and works inside EU with Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

Get instant voting results

Get your voting results in real-time with 100% accuracy, and zero chance of human error.

Access everything from one place

Access meeting minutes, annual reports, meeting agenda, meeting invitations, decision suggestions, financial statements, audit report all from one page.

Lower your carbon footprint

Eliminate unnecessary travel to meeting places and join the effort to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Minimise meeting costs and travel time

Lower your costs and save everyone’s time by holding your meetings online so everyone could join without having to travel. 

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Votech’s first fully remote Annual Meeting

Votech's first fully remote Annual Meeting took place on 19.12.2022 using Votech's meetings and voting software.

Video blog on changes in the law for holding hybrid and remote annual meetings

Our Head of Customer Relationships Riikka Ikonen interviewed Vesa Rasinaho from leading law firm based in Helsinki, Finland Castrén & Snellman in October about the changes in the law this summer now allowing companies and associations to hold remote and hybrid annual meetings.
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