About us

Read on below about our raison d'être, mission, values and and vision.

Our story

Every industry has its defining moments. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, it didn’t change a specific industry. It changed everything, and made everyone question the way they were doing business.

During the pandemic, our founders, Jari Kaitera and Rainer Leit kept receiving help requests from leading Finnish businesses who could no longer hold traditional meetings. After helping those clients hold and organise their remote and hybrid meetings, Jari and Rainer wanted to solve this problem for everyone. That’s why in 2021, they founded Votech: an easy-to-use local software for organising remote and hybrid meetings. 

Two years after the pandemic, remote meetings have become the new norm. With Votech, this new norm is more convenient for everyone. Our current customers include Construction Company Fira, Invesdor, Oceanvolt, Netled, The Trade Union of Education in Finland, The Martha Association, The National Coalition Party, Centre Party, and the Finnish Amateur Radio League.

While Voting is already solving complex problems for customers in a wide range of industries, our work is never finished. We’re always getting feedback from our clients and using it to improve our software, and add new features that simplify remote meetings for everyone.

Our values

A company without values is a company without a soul.


Environmental responsibility

Continuous development

Customer centric


Work-life balance

Our mission

Decarbonising meeting industry one meeting at a time.

We digitalise your AGM.

Our vision

Votech’s vision is to be the markets most progressive and easiest to use meeting and voting solution. We are agile and stay up to date in product development.

Our team

Jari Kaitera
+358 40963 5120
Rainer Leit
CTO I Lead Architect
Miia Hiltunen
Chief Growth Officer
+358 40575 1357
Elar Saks
Software developer
Riikka Ikonen
Head of Customer Relationships
+358 40512 6295
Valtter Kivinen
Sales Manager
+358 50323 1759
Axel Kaaro
Development Specialist

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