Votech’s first fully remote Annual Meeting

Votech Oy’s Annual General Meeting was held remotely on December 19th, 2022 using Votech’s new meeting software.

The Votech team on a video call

A few weeks prior to the meeting shareholders received an invitation with a link to the meeting page. Shareholders were able to enter the meeting with their own phone number or email to which they received a one-time 6-digit password to log-in. This also fulfills the requirements of the new company law that came in to effect on 1.7.2022 that allows for companies and associations to organise remote or hybrid annual meetings, but a requirement is that all attendees are strongly indentified.

Votech meeting page login screen
Meeting Page Log-In

A benefit for the meeting organizer was an automatic count of the shareholders present and their number of votes, plus possibility to add this info to the meeting minutes. At the same time meeting materials where in one place which shareholders had access to prior to the meeting.

Votech Oy's Annual Meeting Page in Finnish
Votech Oy's Annual Meeting Page in Finnish (please note that Votech offers its meeting and voting software in many languages)

Now with the meeting over, materials and meeting minutes can be found from the same online service.

This can be archived, and if needed restored so that the shareholders can view them again. This enforces good corporate governance that naturally is very important.

For the remote Teams session, we didn’t have to share a separate link, as within the meeting page, there was a button that upon pressing took you to the remote annual meeting that took place in Microsoft Teams.

We wanted to boost shareholder engagement in our company’s decision making, so we did a poll on the meeting page concerning the company’s future financing. Shareholders participated eagerly in the voting, and now we have clear shareholder specific knowledge of what things we need to develop to secure additional funding, and from whom.

Poll results in Finnish
Poll results in Finnish (text)

Pie chart of the poll results in Finnish
Poll results in Finnish (pie chart)

This information can be used in future funding negotiations. Votech’s 19.12.22 Annual Meeting accepted the financial statement, gave freedom of responsibility to the board and to the CEO, and choose to the board Kirsi Suopelto, Jani Mensonen, Rainer Leit and Tuomas Talvioja. In addition, there was a discussion of an employee incentive scheme. Lastly decided was a two month extension for latest share issue, and also an employee discount for share subscription.

Miia Hiltunen
Chief Growth Officer

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