Full Service

For any official meeting where you need to identify attendees, and carry out elections and voting, whether you are an organization, limited or public company.


A full-service voting solution for associations, unions and organizations

150 participants with voting rights
Automatic email invitations
Chat support during the meeting
Support for different numbers of participants' voices
A meeting page branded to your organization
Support for different numbers of participants' voices
A meeting page domain named after your organization

Why use our full-service voting solutions?

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Commit your meeting attendees

Save time and money

Full transparency

Lower your carbon footprint

Abide by pre-set rules

Remote and hybrid annual meetings

Your companies meeting page is customized to fit your organization's brand.
The software offers safe logging in to the meeting for all those entitled to vote. Logging in requires bank identification or via email or text message.
Those entitled to vote have speaking and messaging rights ( via chat).
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Election and polling can be completed with ease remotely or on site. Participants can have a different number of votes.
Counting votes is automatic and results are available after voting has been closed.
Voting with proxy is also possible.
Votech supports anonymous as well as public voting. With our solution only those entitled to vote have access to our platform, and participants can only vote once.
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Streaming service

If you want Votech’s team can come in to film and stream your event on your behalf. The place of the meeting is your company's meeting room, or a location of your choice, or our company's studio in Helsinki.
We will take care of the meeting rooms equipment, personnel, required software, and back up internet connection. In addition we offer meeting organizers technical support before and during the meeting.
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