Easy-to-use meeting and voting software

For any official meeting where you need to identify attendees, and carry out elections and voting, whether you are an organisation, limited or public company.

Making meetings & voting easier for

Organising official meetings is challenging, a lot of work, and time-consuming.

Votech simplifies the whole process.


Many competitors require multi-step meeting attendee registration and log-in.
Software requires a specific device or browser, making it difficult to use.
Many competitors have developed their own video conferencing tool that is inferior to the market leading video conferencing softwares already in use by the majority of corporations and NGOs.
Doesn't support traditional in-person meetings with digital voting.
Software is not available immediately, requires multiple points of contact before a customer can test it out.


Easy-to-use, no need to remember user names and passwords.
Votech works on all devices & most popular browsers. Plus we are launching our Android and iPhone mobile apps very soon!
Votech integrates with MS Teams and works seamlessly with other popular videoconferencing software such as Zoom and Google Meets.
For in-person meetings we offer remote and on-site technical support for meeting organisers and attendees. We also support attendees at events with hybrid voting machines and provide assistance in using them.
Automated and immediate sign up, no need to contact sales personnel. Start using Votech right away! 

Did you notice our basic plan is free ?

For smaller meetings, try out our meeting and voting software for free!

50 participants with voting and spectator rights
Unique meeting web address
Share meeting materials with your participants
Open ballots
Attendee different voting power

Meetings made easy with Votech's online voting software  

With the onset of the pandemic there became a need to offer our clients the opportunity to run their annual meeting smoothly as possible remotely, thus Votech’s meeting and voting software was born.  

Regardless of where you run your meeting, on-location or virtually, many official meetings, such as Annual General Meetings (AGMs), also called Annual Meetings require voting.  

Thus, using a voting software is a prerequisite. You can either choose to use an outdated and hard to use software or opt-in for Votech's modern user-friendly solution that your attendees will love as they can use it from anywhere, like the comfort of their home.  

We at Votech value your time, thus we wanted to create a solution that caters to the busy 20th century person!  

Easy to use, one meeting service that has it all

Our software is so easy to use that anyone will be able to attend your meeting and vote. Video and PDF –instructions for attendees available. All meeting documents, a link to MS TEAMS, Zoom or Google Meet, support info and elections and voting are on one page branded for your organisation.

Strong user authentication

No need to remember user codes and passwords. Identify your participants using bank ID, or a unique code sent to your phone number or email.

Works on all devices

Our software works on all devices.

Web browser or Mobile app

Attendees can participate in meetings through the most popular web browsers, and our soon to be launched Android and iPhone App making the experience even more user friendly.

Microsoft Teams integration

Our integration with Microsoft Teams allows for problem-free two-way video conferencing using any device, in real-time. Our Microsoft Azure servers in Sweden result in a secure, fast, and reliable GDPR compliant service.

Premium customer support

Receive customer support, that is available remotely or at your meeting location. We will help you with any step in your meeting, from planning to meeting.

Scales up to 10,000 users, and more

Our software has been stress tested and used in meetings with large amount of participants. This makes your meeting run smoothly.

Secure and reliable service

We know that security is a must in today's world. Our software has been security tested and audited by professional data security expert, Huld.

Development Partner

We are a development partner for our clients. Should you have any special requirements beyond our enterprise version, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let’s discuss your specific needs over a Teams or at our office in Helsinki. Click here to get a quote

Hybrid voting available

We offer the option of hybrid meetings where official voting stations are needed for less digitally native attendees

Counting votes

Different methods of counting votes are available.  Open and closed ballot, yes/no, multiple choice, weighted voting, and more.

Multiple languages available

English, Swedish and Finnish. And more coming soon.  

From our CTO & Co-Founder Rainer Leit

Scalable, secure and agile

Votech focuses on creating for our customer needs. Simplifying attendee participation in your meetings while giving them the opportunity to impact the meeting ballot outcomes remotely, give access to meeting materials and more to come to which any of our customers can affect change!

For us it is important that each participants in your meeting have equal participation and also building towards sustainable future by offering a remote solution over flying and driving to the AGMs while also saving the planet from unnecessary CO2 emissions ( Check out our calculator below ).

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