Difficulties organising an official meeting? Don't worry, we have a solution

A sustainable, secure & smooth solution for virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings

Making voting easier for

Organising official meetings are challenging, a lot of work and time consuming

Votech simplifies the whole process.


Traditional Voting

Event attendee registration is manual and labour intensive as every single attendee needs to be manually registered.
Offers quick and easy self-registration with only a few clicks. The organizer can see who and how many votes are present in real-time.
Ballot voting is hard to organise and takes a lot of time to carry though. Counting the votes is manual, time and labour consuming, and there is a margin of error.
Easy to use electronic voting service that works on any device.
Customers rave about how easy it is to use. Results ready instantaneously, and are 100% accurate.
Attendees have difficulty finding and locating several meeting links, documents, and instructions. This causes delays in the meeting, and frustration within users.
One easy to access meeting space accessible before, during and after the meeting with all documentation and links.
Attendees who are not digital natives may get intimidated by electronic voting with their mobile phone, or don’t have a smart phone.
Assisted voting machines where anyone independent of their age, technical skills can vote without usernames and passwords.

Virtual or Hybrid Meeting
Full-service offer, starting at €3799

Votech also offers a full-service model, which has been quite popular with our clients.

Our project manager works with you to help you organise your meeting and we are there on site to help your attendees with any problems they may have, and we will film and stream the event to all attendees joining in remotely.

No event is too big or too small.

Electronic voting at in-person events starting at €2499

Fact is that many in-person events are organised, but elections nevertheless take place, and a voting software is needed.

Our experts will help you plan your event, and we will support event organisers and their participants remotely during the event.

The largest event where Votech was used, around 1800 people cast their votes using Votech's software either on a device or used one of our hybrid voting stations.

Simplifying the organization of annual meetings and other official meetings in remote, hybrid and in-person environments

Votech’s meeting and voting solution enables YOU to activate your companies or organisations shareholders or members. Holding virtual events increases attendance by 20% and productivity increases by 27% percent.  This inadvertently benefits, you as you can commit your stakeholders to your companies or organisations goals and objectives.

Better Customer Experience

An easy-to-use solution, available on all devices, laptop, tablet and mobile (Android and iPhone app launching fall 2022), available in English, Swedish and Finnish with the option to turn on other languages

Improve Your brand in the eyes of your stakeholders

Branded annual meeting and materials increases credibility, trustworthiness and increases interest in the organizer's goals and objectives

Increase participation in your meetings

Hybrid and remote meeting enable more attendees to participate.

Increase communication

Back and forth communication between event organizers and attendees is increased via pre and live Q&A during meetings, questions submitted via chat, resulting in more dialogue between organizers and meeting attendees.

Stronger Security

Execute meetings safely with attendee strong bank-ID or Unique real time access code identification (two-phase identification). Votech is a security audited solution and works inside EU with Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

Instant voting results

Voting results are instantaneous.

Access all your materials from your own archive

Access meeting minutes, annual reports, meeting agenda, meeting invitations, decision suggestions, financial statements, audit report all from one page.

Be involved in lowering the carbon footprint

Less travel to meeting place, less pollution. Sustainable business is a must, we must all work together on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Minimize meeting costs and travel time

Organisations can decrease meeting costs significantly while everyone saves time attending a meeting remotely.

For Business

Need to organize your companies next Annual General Meeting (AGM), Board meeting, or Investor Day? Elections and voting go off without a hitch, and you can choose to have your annual meeting remotely, as a hybrid event, or on site. With restrictions lifted, companies can now go back to organizing in-person events.

The pandemic has proven that there is a more sustainable way to do business, thus all modern business leaders understand the benefits.

Make note, you can still organize on location events, but for the benefit of your company you should offer all participants the option to attend remotely. Some CEO’s think the less shareholders present the better, but what happens when your next funding round is around the corner, and it’s time to commit your current shareholders into investing into your company again?

The correct mindset is, that you want as many shareholders present at you AGM, and for those that have shareholders living in other countries or a distance far way from the company's headquarters, offering them an option to attend remotely naturally increases attendance and improves your companies opportunity to commit them to investing more into your company.

NGOs and Other Organizations

Are you an association, union, political party or non-profit, organising an annual meeting, union meeting, caucus?

Votech’s meeting and voting software is the easiest and best solution for you.  Be it in-person, or remotely or hybrid Votech’s meeting and voting software will eliminate old manual processes giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Since we have been so fortunate to go back to live events, we understand our customers wanting to organize in-person events, but not everyone can always attend, thus you must offer those attendees an option to attend remotely.  

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