Votech’s software release at the Arctic15

For the first time Votech participated at Arctic15 event at the Cable Factory on June 7 and 8th. During the spring we had already discussed with the team possibilities of where to launch our software, and I thought the best place would be Arctic15. I had already decided that we would attend the event, as it’s a great place to meet potential investors and network. Anyone with high growth targets knows that getting additional funding is an important job. It’s events like Arctic15 that you need to participate in. Either a startup pass or/and demo stand is the way to go, and allows you to connect with investors from Finland and abroad.

Arctic15 is a great event for startups and investors. Size wise it’s much smaller than Slush, a startup event known around the world, but it’s a magical event with an intimate atmosphere where investors and startups can connect with each other and engage in high quality conversations all around the event area, be it in the deal room, on the couches & tables in the main room, or outside. The even also offers many excellent speakers and workshops.

When we left to Arctic15, we wanted to meeting people and tell them about our solution. With our software, any organization can hold an official meeting, such as an Annual General Meeting, quickly and without any hassles.

”Digitalize your AGM”

The market’s easiest to use and trustworthy meeting and voting solution.


The whole team has worked very hard during the past year. The goal was getting Votech’s software ready for spring 2022. At the same time, we activated our sales and marketing. The software was piloted with numerous customers, and the solution was used in tens of annual and spring meetings before the software was even officially ready. One of Votech’s longtime customers Oceanvoltthat has over 1000 shareholders had their AGM this spring. Their CFO had to say,

“I would encourage customers to contact you (Votech) or others, who organize these meetings. I personally haven’t found such an easy way to organize it myself.”


Click on our video customer testimonial for Jussi’s comments (in Finnish only).

Votech’s meeting and voting software has proven to be easy to use and functional. After Arctic15, on Saturday 11.6.22 our team had three different meetings taking place, in three different cities. At the largest event elections took place, where over 1500 people voted for the next chairman and vice chairman. There were some issues with the network when the first voting took place, but these were dealt with. Older voters need for personal assistance during the voting took was a bit of a surprise as well. At the start voting and the counting of votes took 1.5 hours, but the second time round voting only took 40 minutes. Voting with Votech’s software decreased the elections duration by 50 minutes compared to previous years. In general, the customer was satisfied. In the other two meetings, everything went off without a hitch.

“Our software works when a simple, web-based meeting and voting solution is needed. We are currently developing a hybrid model voting software where people can vote on their own mobile phone, and those who need more support at voting points on location. Usually at voting stations a computer is installed where a person identifies themselves and votes, and elderly people are able to receive assistance when an assistant is present at the voting station. This hybrid voting model is being developed and should be ready sometime in fall of 2022.”


The success of any software is always continuous development, as well as a significant investment in sales and marketing. Even though Votech is ready, product development must continue. Software development is always a job done by people, which is why personnel expenses are so high. Same goes for internationalization, especially sales and marketing. This is exactly the reason, bootstrapping does not work for software companies, even though it’s the ideal situation to save costs. Below comments from Votech’s CEO.

“Now that Votech’s software is ready, we aim for internationalization quickly. For this we are starting a new funding round and raising €2M equity capital. The funds will be used for international marketing and sales and software development."


At the Artctic15 event we launched our software and released an amazing offer with which your organization can use Votech’s software for half price! If you have an annual or annual general meeting coming up this summer or fall, now is the time to order Votech’s annual license with a -50% discount.

Votech offers companies and organizations three different packages depending on the number of attendees and need for strong identification. Our most popular packages are Pro that you can now purchase annually for €744 + VAT (normally €1495 + VAT) and Enterprise €1992 + VAT ( normally €3995 + VAT). The biggest difference between these two packages Is amount of attendees, in the pro version you can have up to 150, whilst in the enterprise version up to 500 meeting attendees. Each additional attendee costs + €0,50/per person. Included in the Enterprise version is technical support to for the meeting organizers and meeting attendees, also during the evening and on weekends naturally makes planning an annual meeting much easier.

You can make use of this great offer right here (note the Arctic15 page is only in the English language).

Should you need assistance with your order please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or call us at +358 10 508 1750.

Miia Hiltunen
Chief Growth Officer

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