Votech at Slush!

Votech is very excited to be at Slush this year. You can
find us at booth G6 on Day 1 Thurs 17.11.

What is Slush?

One of the biggest startup events in the Nordics, bringing in this year around 12,000 attendees to network for two full days, plus hundreds of side events in the city of Helsinki during the week of 14.11-18.11.

Making voting easier for

Simplifying meetings and voting for everyone

Votech’s meeting and voting solution enables YOU to activate your companies or organisations shareholders or members. Holding virtual events increases attendance by 20% and productivity increases by 27% percent.  This inadvertently benefits, you as you can commit your stakeholders to your companies or organisations goals and objectives.

Better Customer Experience

Improve Your brand in the
eyes of your stakeholders

Increase participation
in your meetings

Increase communication

Stronger Security

Instant voting results

Access all your materials from
your own archive

Lower your carbon footprint

Minimize meeting costs
and travel time

Meet us at the demo booth

Thurs 17.11 Booth G6

Jari Kaitera
+358 40963 5120
Miia Hiltunen
Chief Growth Officer
+358 40474 1357
Valtter Kivinen
Sales Manager
+358 44252 1971
Roope Nevalainen
Project Manager
+358 40037 6688

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