Digitalising YOUR company's next Annual Meeting has many benefits. Holding traditional on-site shareholder meetings makes no sense

Is your company raising new share capital this year? Want to maximise money raised, and save time? Solution: Hold a hybrid or remote Shareholder's Meeting and utilise Votech's meeting and voting software to run a legal, quick and easy AGM.

Jari Kaitera, CEO

With our help, the general meeting runs comfortably both remotely and as a hybrid. Some of the participants can be present at the meeting place and some can join the meeting remotely. With the help of the Votech service, you can also easily implement various event-related elections and voting, either as a hybrid or completely remotely. Early voting is also handled without any problems! Contact me and we'll talk more!

Benefits for holding a remote, or hybrid meeting

Engage your meetings’ attendants with our cutting-edge voting solution to commit your stakeholders to your goals and objectives. 

Commit shareholders

Kun mahdollisimman moni osakas tai jäsen pääsee mukaan päätöksentekoon, myös aktiivisuus lisääntyy ja osakkaat saadaan sidottua tiiviimmin mukaan organisaation päämääriin, vaikkapa yrityksen seuraavaan rahoituskierrokseen.

Practice sustainable business

Join the 90% ( in 2018) of CEO's who felt sustainability is MORE important to a company's success. Eliminate unnecessary travel, and make a positive impact on the environment..

Save time

Time is something we all value, and by eliminating need to travel to a on-site AGM you will make your shareholders very happy as they can still participate remotely.

Save money

No large conference room to rent, or refreshments to pay, nor incurred travel costs for board and owners of the company.

Better corporate governance

Transparency between the company and shareholders. One meeting page to access previous and current meeting documentation. Maximise meeting attendance, and allow all shareholders to participate decision making no matter where they are located.

Some of our happy clients